My Sydney

My Sydney -  by maxipix is inspired by Louise Hawson's '52 Suburbs'. Join me in the discovery of 'My Sydney' as I explore and photograph new suburbs and revisit familiar ones with new eyes.

By the time my brother in law was 30 he had lived in as many Sydney homes. I, on the other hand was born in the Sydney suburb I still live in today. I am adventurous to say, however, I have lived in 4 different houses in that suburb. What better way to stretch my sheltered little world than to explore Sydney behind the comfort of my lens. I look forward to photographing 42 Sydney suburbs. One for every year of my life - 'My Sydney'

2166 Cabramatta
2030 Watson's Bay
2124 -Parramatta

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  1. Hi Maxipix,

    Love your images. I wanted to let you know we used a few of your images to feature a Redfern Community walk coming up next month. We gave you a photo credit and hope this is ok. If you, or any of your friends would be interested this will be a most insightful experience. Here is the link for you to take a look:

    Josh (Glomad, founder