Sunday, 10 February 2013

January 10 on 10

This year I plan to cut back on many things in an effort to focus on my new job and to support my eldest in her final year at school. I thought I could manage linking up each month with Rebekah . All I need to do is take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours to depict my day each 10th of the month. We were away so I missed the link to the site for January's 10 on 10 but I decided to post it now anyway.

good morning Day 3
daily exercise routine
a stern view from the breakfast table
setting up for the day
time for lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant (I did have salad too)
back out to watch the kids frolic in the pool
afternoon starboard  view
cocktail making class
evening port view
Max and Tim at dinner

February 10 on 10

I woke this morning to find the cup cake fairies had been baking late into the night
I love this bell that sounds to declare it is time for Church

Sunday lunch staples
collect the dry cleaning
staying at home for the day
heading out for the day

dusting done

things to do when mum says no TV

 getting ready for a tribal themed swimming carnival

our favourite visitor

Linking up with 10 on 10 ten on ten button