Friday, 10 February 2012

ten on ten - february

Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of the month.
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I accidentally forgot 10 on 10 in December and January, but a little reminder from my friend earlier this week got me reignited. So here goes 10 on 10 for today Friday, 10th February 2012.

Working full time means early starts organising and preparing for the day. One of the jobs I least enjoy is creating school lunches. I feel overwhelmed by containers, healthy choices, decisions about what to pack and remembering who likes and doesn't like what. Packing home baked goodies makes the task more enjoyable as I know they are a crowd pleaser at morning tea time.

I normally drop our girls at the train station but today they caught the bus, so this morning it was just Nick and I heading off. Every day he dons his favourite football team cap to avoid wearing the school regulation hat ...... I am waiting for notification from his school to say, that has to stop.

Teaching kindergarten is labour intensive and requires a great deal of time setting up each morning. Sharp pencils are a must for teaching five year olds.

Literacy Groups occupy the first few hours of each school day. This week kindergarten learnt the sounds 'a', 's' and 't' and they began learning the order of the alphabet. This is the 'washing line' game which proved very popular.

Fruit break is around 10'oclock. We call it 'crunch and sip'. Watching the children unpack their lunch boxes has given me inspiration to help with that daily task at my place.

My class head back inside to learn how to form the letters and sounds of the week. The children love the play dough table. This activity is so fun that they don't realise they are working. It is like hiding vegetables in their dinner, they have no idea it's good for them.

At lunch after eating time, the children play in the area of the playground called, 'Koala Grove'. I was helping out there today and one of the kindergarten children saw me with my camera and asked, "Are you looking for koalas?" I did not find any koalas but I did see many happy children who were glad to be outside as they have been cooped up indoors of late due to poor weather.

The home time bell rings just after 3 o'clock. The playground was soon deserted. This is the seat in front of my classroom.

After I collected Nick from school we called in to see grandma and poppy. Nick is currently collecting nature DVD's with tokens you receive in the daily paper. Technically grandma is collecting the DVD's, which are warmly received by Nick. He ran to the door and played the game where he knocks and hides before grandma answers. As we were leaving the smile on her face said, you are welcome.

Just when I thought I had run out of material to photograph for the day, my own children announce they are going fossicking for things caught behind the lounge. They glove up (which makes an interesting shot.) deciding to split all momentary findings. To their disappointment all they came up with was one teaspoon and an old cheese wrapper.